Just in time.

Contract Solutions

When you have a special project that calls for an expert, sometimes your core staff requires a helping hand. You need a qualified professional for only a short amount of time, just long enough to complete the project. By selecting the Specialized Recruiting Group to contract your next project professional, you will:

  • Lower overhead
  • Save time
  • Reduce overtime
  • Decrease your HR burden
  • Increase productivity

Finding the perfect match is what we do. Express wants to be your recruiting experts so you don’t have to be. Our goal is to find you the absolute best candidate for the project so you can stay focused on running your company. And we’ll be there to see you through the entire process, from beginning to end.

After uncovering your exact needs, we’ll immediately start reviewing our database of contacts and searching out new possibilities. We’ll compare your required qualifications with the skills and experiences of all our candidates to ensure your project professional is exactly who you desire. And, we’ll also go a step further, considering candidates’ attitudes, personal strengths, and personalities to ensure the best fit for your team.

How can we impact your business today? Contact a contract specialist at Express’s Specialized Recruiting Group to find out.