Hiring made easy.

Professional Search

You don’t have to be the hiring expert. Your job is to lead your business to even higher levels of success. That’s your expertise. Our specialty is to make finding your next team member as easy as possible. And to save you the valuable time it takes to search, review résumés, and interview candidates.

As we simultaneously review our current contact database and search for new candidates, we’re looking for more than just a list of abilities. We’re evaluating leadership skills, personal strengths, and background experiences. So, by the time you’re ready to meet the top candidates, you won’t be interviewing for qualifications. You’ll be ready to select the right person with the personality who best fits your team. Our search process includes:

  • Initial meeting with you to understand your company’s culture and to establish candidates’ specific requirements and desired qualities, as well as a specific strategy for filling your need
  • Reviewing our existing contact database
  • Searching out passive and hard-to-find candidates
  • Matching candidate skills and experience with your needs
  • Utilizing reference checks, background research, and phone and in-person interviews to select the best applicants
  • Presenting top candidates for your final decision

It takes a great team to enable a company to succeed. Why not turn to the employment experts? We’re ready to meet all of your specialized recruiting needs. Contact an Express search specialist today!